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WELCOME to my world

Saturday, June 14, 2003

2:18PM - cutest thing!

Last night I saw finding Nemo with car....omg its the best movie! I loved it I couldnt stop smiling, it was so cute! everyone should go see it!!

Current mood: chipper

Thursday, June 12, 2003

4:13PM - ALMOST THERE....................

Only 1 1/2 more chem periods
Only 1 more french period
Only 1 1/2 more W.H. periods
only 1 1/2 more Math periods
Only 1/2 an eng period
OMG THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!! This year actually went by really quicky. I am sad to see some classes go. But def not sad to see some teachers go! goodbye and good ridence to ALL aspects of chem! I am never ever going to think about chem again!!!! On to the summer!! yes! I'm kinda actually sad that I wont be going back to camp again.....i'm really gonna miss every1! But on to new experiences!! Next year, Junior year.....omg i cant believe that im gonna be a junior, that seems so old! I seriously dont know where the time went.........how am I almost going to be in college! it seems way 2 bizarre...I dont feel my age at all.......I feel like a 7th grader or something.......just w/o stupid m.s. crap..........
Life is crazy....I dont understand 1 damn thing about it.....and I dont know if I ever will. But I dont know I was just thinking, and its kinda exciting to not know what gonna happen in my life....I mean I have no idea what my future profession will be, or who I'm gonna marry, or where im gonna live. I cant believe that one day I will be married and have a family(I know im really getting ahead of my self here, but sometimes I just think about random things)its just weird, I feel like im gonna be in h.s. for my whole life........but even though I can't picture myself i college or "the real world" I know its gonna happen 1 day and that is so weird 2 me.

Current mood: hopeful

Monday, June 9, 2003


So the smither has decided to give us a regents 2morrow!! We've been taking them for awhile but we always know the qs hes gonna give us....but not this time!! I got mine back and he wrote, "excellent Jenna" but 2morrow i'm gonna fail and he is gonna see that actually I just memorized the answers and I truely dont remember any stupid thing from this year! I mean honestly what the hell! He thinks hes god!! I dont remember anything I cant afford to get a failing grade in chem ahhh! to study or not to sudy that is the question.
on another not my 5th grade teacher is retiring after this year and 2morrow im going to her goodbye party. she was a really good teacher. good times. I heard a rumor that mr. sloan is retiring....hmmm didnt he say that last year and the year before, and before that and so on? but if he does retire then the future generations of Scarsdale are very lucky!

Current mood: restless

Sunday, June 8, 2003

1:32PM - I have come to a conclusion.........

I have realized that very few people actually know the real me. Also I know that everyone who doesn't know me thinks a few things about me. Everyone thinks that I am:
a) stuck-up
b) smart(def. not)
c) All I care about is school (no)
d) boring
e) shy (well kinda true, I do tend to be shy...but my friends can tell any1 that once you get to know me I am not exactly introverted)
hey i know that I judge other people w/o knowing them...its just human nature, but I really can't stand it cause I just get the feeling the people think I am only what I listed above, and that isn't all true.
Another thing...I really just want to have fun but for some reason I find myself not having fun most of the time, why is that? These are supposed to be the "best years of my life." I know I have friends, but I never see them. I just have to call people..I always wait to be called first (stupid). I dont know. I really just dont know. soo confused....

Current mood: confused

11:40AM - ahh!

Every picture I want to use as my logo wont freaking work!!!

Current mood: aggravated

11:27AM - summer is just around the corner......so where the hell is the sun!?

I really am soo excited about my trrip thsi summer....but i'm also in a way scared..I am not gonna say why...use your imagination. I know its gonna be great though. Anyway by time the trip is over im gonna have to start field hockey again...I like it but im just not in the mood to move and run and all that crap. I also know im being ridiculous but im already thinking about next year, and how im gonna have the worst teachers, and no friends in any of my classes. ugh. It's a stupid vicious cycle. The second you get happy because school is over...it starts again. evil evil. My mom has been researching all day on woodpeckers ha. Theres one that pecks at our roof every morning, and its driving my mom insane! She called my grandparents because when she was little they 2 had a woodpecker fiasco, and my grandpa said that she cant kill it b/c they are indangered.(i dont think she would kill it anyway) Besides I wouldnt let anyone kill it...it is the cutest thing...I think I will call him sven.

Current mood: groggy

Saturday, June 7, 2003

10:06PM - first entry

This weekend has been another great one....umm yeah. Well I spent all of friday doing either nothing of attampting to take SAT 2 practice tests just in case there was some hope in me doing well(highly doubtful). Then today I took the test, and since i am completely no indicator of how I do on test I really have no clue how it went. All I know is that I had to wake up really early and go to school on a saturday to take a test. fab. Then I went to the mall with my mum to shop for fathers day(another tres amiable event). Then I watched panic room. I said to myself I would do some work so I wouldn't have to do it all tomorrow but of course I couldn't bring myself to do it. So now here I am on a saturday night...on my computer...could things get anymore CRAZY...hmmm lets think about that one....

Current mood: blah